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The experience

Attentive listening and authenticity are the foundations of our approach. We invest time to get to know you in depth, exploring the subtleties of your personalities, priorities and history. We want to understand what you are passionate about and what really matters to you. Rather than following pre-established standards, we encourage creativity and make sure that your relationship and individual identities are showing up in every aspect of your wedding.


Full Planning

A perfect wedding goes through successful preparations. This is why, I offer you my expertise and my know-how to organize this special day with you. So that your wedding preparations are a pleasant experience for you, I am by your side during each step to advise you, support you throughout the organization of your wedding.

My commitment to you goes far beyond simple planning.

From the choice of the place of reception to the careful selection of the flowers, I am here to guide you at each stage of your wedding.

I carefully look for providers who will be able to create the universe you want, paying particular attention to your expectations.

- from 2200€

D-Day Coordination

Let me take care of the smallest details of your event, preparations at the end of the evening, so that you and your guests can fully enjoy every moment without worrying about the management of decoration, providers, schedule or unforeseen things.

I will be there at each stage of the day, preparations until the end of the night, so that everything goes without a hitch. You will be able to experience an authentic moment, by letting yourself be concentrated on the essence of your event and to create precious memories.

- from 1200€

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