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Intimate Wedding or Big Event: Find the style that suits you

baisé de mariage

The choice between an intimate marriage and a big event can be one of the most significant decisions you will make when planning your special day. Each of these wedding styles has its own unique advantages and charms, and it is important to find the one that best corresponds to your vision, your personality and your preferences.

The emotional intimacy of a limited marriage

Intimate weddings are often characterized by a small list of guests, generally made up of members close to family and intimate friends. This style of marriage creates a warm and personal atmosphere, promoting intimate moments and deeper emotional ties. The small number of guests also makes it possible to create a more relaxed atmosphere and to devote quality time to each person present.

An intimate ceremony can take place in more limited and unique places, such as private gardens, rustic chalets or even at home. This option is ideal for those who wish to celebrate more focused on relationships, meaning and authentic exchange of vows.

The spectacular brilliance of a large event

On the other hand, large -scale weddings are perfect for those who dream of a sumptuous and memorable celebration. With a list of extended guests, these weddings offer the possibility of bringing together family, friends and acquaintances from all walks of life for a day of grandiose festivities. Majestic places, sumptuous decorations and elaborate menus help create an atmosphere of glamor and sophistication.

A large wedding also offers the possibility of making more ambitious ideas in terms of entertainment, decoration and design. Dazzling fireworks with live orchestras, everything is possible to create a breathtaking experience that guests will remember for a long time.

Find the perfect balance

Finding the style that suits you best can also involve a combination of the two. Some couples opt for an intimate ceremony followed by a larger reception to include more relatives. Others choose to organize a more intimate celebration and then organize a more important party on a later date.

It is crucial to take into account your personal preferences, your budget and your values as a couple. The key lies in open communication with your partner and in the clear definition of your priorities. Ask yourself questions such as: what is really important for us? Do we prefer an intimate ceremony or do we want to share this moment with a large number of people?

In the end, whether you choose an intimate wedding or a big event, the main thing is to create a day that reflects your love and your uniqueness as a couple. Whatever style you choose, make your special day a faithful representation of your love story and a celebration that will remain engraved in your memories for the years to come.


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